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About Us

We are a not-for-profit corporation dedicated to providing a fun evening out in a friendly atmosphere for singles and couples ages 40+.

The Kanata Dance Club is organized by the Kanata Singles Club Inc., which was created in 1975 to offer a place for singles and couples to meet, socialize, and dance while creating a community of friends.

Our DJ – Bob Freeman – keeps the dance floor busy with a variety of music, including pop, swing, Latin, and slow songs. Dancing is often free-style, in groups, solo and some partner-dancing, too.

We even break into a fun line dance occasionally. 
The Club is managed by a board of volunteer directors, elected at our Annual General Meeting. Our dances are made possible with the help of many
volunteers, who assist us with set-up and take-down.
Thanks to your support, we donated $500 to the Kanata Food Cupboard in February 2023.  Since 1999, we have donated over $40,000 to various local charities such as:

  • Kanata Food Cupboard

  • Boys & Girls Club

  • Kanata Senior Centre

  • Ottawa Western Resource Centre

  • Ancoura

  • Carlington Community Chaplaincy, and many more.

A donation presented to Kanata Food Cupboard Executive Director Cara-Leigh 


  Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What type of music is played?

- The DJ plays a variety of music from the 80's to modern day.  Many different genres are covered, rock, pop, swing, country, some Latin and Ballroom.

Q: What is the dance attendance like?

-  We typically host over 100 attendees. Our attendees are generally in the 40+ age group. A mix of singles and couples who like to dance. Most of our dances have a theme, and many people dress to complement that.

Q: What is served at the dances?

- There is bar service with basic liquor, wine, beer and soft drinks available. Bagged snacks are provided.

Q:  Is there a dress code?

- Many women dress up to match the theme. A few men wear jackets and ties, but most wear a nice shirt and slacks. Generally a nicely dressed crowd. We discourage old blue jeans unless it is the Denim dance. 

Q: How is the dance organized?

- The dance is set up and decorated by volunteers. There is an unsupervised cloak room and most people bring a change of indoor shoes for dancing.

Q: Is Kanata Dance a business or Not-For-Profit?

- We are incorporated in Canada as Not-For- Profit. We hold our Annual General Meeting in March every year to elect a Board of Directors to deliver a community dance each month. Funds raised are donated to local charities like the Kanata Food Cupboard.

Q:  How are tickets sold?

- Tickets can be purchased on line at our website.

$ 14 Early bird 3 weeks in advance. 

$ 16 Advance tickets until noon on the day of the dance.

$ 18 Admission at the door.

 Payment Options Accepted:

  Cash, or Card Tap/Insert payments through a Square terminal.

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